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Nothing changes quickly in European politics – it took over 2 years for politicians to eventually agree that discards should be ended. Fish Fight was there every step of the way, reminding them that hundreds of thousands of citizens want to see Europe's fisheries get fixed. This is the political fight, as it happened . . .

June 2011

UK Parliament

An Early Day Motion tabled in the British parliament gains political backing for an end to discards.

July 2011

A ban on discards is put on the table

Proposals for the new CFP include a ban on discards, but these plans still have to be accepted by both the European Parliament and Europe's fishery ministers and there is already signs of strong resistance from some major fishing nations . . .

December 2011

Getting the attention of british MEPs

We work with Client Earth to create a webpage that allowed Fish Fighters in the UK to send over 50,000 emails to MEPs that have influence on the Common Fisheries Policy.

March 2012

Keeping the discard ban alive in brussels

The French are seeking support for a proposal that would kill off the discard ban. We rapidly build an online tool allowing Fish Fighters to tweet every fisheries minister across Europe in their own language. Over 135,000 tweets were sent . . . and the French backed down.

June 2012

Raising the pressure on fisheries ministers

Thanks to a donation from the Pig Shed Trust, we take out full-page adverts in four European newspapers targeting our key fisheries ministers ahead of a crunch meeting.

Autumn 2012

Getting the fish fight message out to all MEPs

As the European Parliament gears up for its key votes on the new CFP, we distribute DVDs of Fish Fight, along with letters, to hundreds of MEPs across Europe.

December 2012

The fisheries committee votes on discards

We target the German MEP Werner Kuhn, who is not listening to the German government's message that discards should end. Fish Fighters in Germany send 29,400 emails to him and his fellow EPP MEPs.

February 2013

The big vote for discards

in the european parliament

We send a team to Strasbourg to set up the Fish Fight boat counter, and distribute free coffee and sandwiches plastered with our message about the key vote on discards. We also build an online tool allowing Fish Fighters everywhere to contact MEPs in their native language – over 174,000 emails are sent in total. The result of the plenary vote is a huge success for Fish Fight.

Spring 2013

Trialogue negotiations and politcal

agreement on the new CFP

Our celebrity leaders across Europe come together for an open letter urging politicians to find an agreement that preserved an effective discard ban and ambitious end to overfishing.

The future

Implementing the discard ban and ending overfishing in Europe will need hard work from our fishermen, administrators, scientists and politicians. We can all play our part through the choices we make when we buy fish, and by continuing to tell our politicians that we care about how our seas are managed.

What next?

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